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Icone In.Play


Our philosophy recalls a time when “doing” something was more fun than “having” something. We find in making a bridge to expose a little bit of who we are.


​Exploring new places, sharing unusual moments and being able to record such experiences through the production of photos and videos, in addition to being a job, has become a very rewarding mission.

Every day that passes we realize a little of the value of Life, of the satisfaction of being in contact with this Energy, where the interesting thing is the relationship one has with what one does;

Between project and context; creation and production; inspiration and perspiration; work and play; Balance, a constant rhythm that keeps us free and in constant motion.

In.Play - Because there are moments that exceed expectations.


Seeking inspiration through simple exchange with nature, with life forms, with people, and in this state of flow, being in motion and evolving with each new encounter with LIFE. Producing, inspiring and thus exploring the opportunities to BE. All this makes us simple and organic, and at the same time as complex as life. When we choose a simple way to be and explore the world, where we no longer need to run wild but just flow, everything seems to be a GIFT and an INSPIRATION.

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Tayran Muniz

Photographer / Videomaker


Roberta Stahl

Biologist / Photographer


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