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Politica de Entrega

Delivery Policy


We use an in-person delivery system made by one of our team members directly to the customer. Delivery is made on a date and time previously scheduled after the purchase of the product/service in question.
In this way, we build loyalty in the delivery of your product/service and make it positive with the customer.

We recommend that the customer pay attention to the delivery date of his product/service so that it can be carried out successfully.

In case the delivery of the product/service is not effective, we will reschedule it at a later date after contacting the customer again.

Politica de Troca

Exchange, Return and Refund Policy


You can exchange, return or reschedule your product/service up to 15 days after the scheduled delivery date of your product/service. Or in case of non-effective receipt/delivery of the product/service for major reasons (delay, absence, etc) which make it impossible for any of the parties involved to effect the sale.


In case of return, within 10 days, we will send the refund request to the credit card or current account of the same holder.

The availability of the value will occur in accordance with the rules of the card administrator or customer's bank.

In cases of payment via pix or boleto, we will carry out the refund manually, within 10 days, by means of a bank deposit in the customer's account.

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